Our goal is to help you sell your vehicle at the best price as quickly as possible, without any constraint and at zero cost !

1 – We valuate your vehicle, and we evaluate its fair price depending on the automotive market and depending on your financial goal. We establish its selling price .
2 – We position your vehicle in display with an attractive polished presentation by means of video and professional pictures that we have previously taken of your car. We ensure that your car will get optimum visibility.
3  – We take care of all calls and inquiries and arrange the appointment at your convenience .
4 –   We select the buyer from the customer base that we have chosen.
5 –  We guarantee a secure transaction in our office, in your presence and that of the buyer.
6 –  We proceed to the verification of the payment from the bank of the buyer.
7 –  We do all the paperwork related to the transcation.

8 – Depending on your needs, we can provide you with a replacement vehicle for the duration of stay or at your convenience. (Price on request)

Our goal : To assist you in all stages of your project, at no cost,  because we are commissioned by the buyer. (Commission 5% of the sale price )

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