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I – A personalized search for your ideal vehicle.


CARS ONLY acts as an automobile broker and provides research, negotiation, delivery and customization of new and used vehicles, offered by automotive professionals, in France and in the EEC countries, as well as assistance with the administrative procedures for the registration of vehicles.

  1. You send us the details of what you are looking for and give us a mandate.
  2. We will fullfill your wishes and provide you with a tailored and responsive answer by presenting several proposals,  in a timely manner.
  3. The order is confirmed after the signature of the contract between you and the supplier of the vehicle.
  4. The delivery is done at your home (once all required documents have been gathered), according to the terms we agreed upon.
  5. An additional request can be fullfilled in a second time, depending on the specifics of your wishes (exterior and interior vehicle customization, covering … )

                                                                  II – An immediate response through our selection of vehicles for sale.


We will offer a wide choice of vehicles selected by us and corresponding to the requirements of our customers. 

Service book, background and maintenance of the vehicle …  we put at your disposal all the means to make the best choice … 

Our goal : Your satisfaction.

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